Think About This....

How Ready Are You To Standout as a Leader, Make Your Views Heard And  Inspire Others To Take Action?

Just Imagine.... How Would It Feel To Speak Like a Leader?


Here's The Fun, Easy and Fast Way To Learn Storytelling, Humour, Rhetoric, Inspiring Narratives, and Entertainment

Your Key Outcomes!

  • Make your ideas stick in the mind of your listeners. Discover how different narratives evoke different ideas in your listener's mind and shapes perceptions without conscious awareness

  • Discover a powerful way to excavate your stories and craft your leadership narratives. Master the Storytelling System for Leaders and learn how to discover, construct and deliver powerful messages that emotionally connect with your listeners. Learn to use the Story Tap so that you will Never Run Out of Stories to Tell. Discover the 6-step process to convert your ordinary experiences into entertaining narratives

  • Craft Persuasive Leadership Narratives to communicate your ideas effectively during meetings, virtual meetings, networking events,  presentations, virtual presentations and conversations!

  • Pitch your ideas persuasively with passion, conviction and authentic influence. Discover how to organise your narratives differently for different occasions.

  • Express your thoughts clearly, confidently, and convincingly by making your words matter, your Executive Presence stronger, and your influence greater than you ever imagined before!

  • Learn the exact system that has helped people around the world to break away from boring conversations to captivating narratives. Gain visibility, respect, admiration, influence, self development, and professional growth by confidently seizing more opportunities to speak!

  • Learn the speaking secrets of World Class Leaders, Speakers and Influencers that help you be seen as a leader, stir others to action, and get your ideas accepted. Open the door to a new world of opportunities and avoid the common mistakes most people make



Learn the Step-by-Step process that will help you shine

 during meetings, networking sessions, high-impact presentations, interactions and structured conversations!



Humans have a basic need to hear stories and engaging narratives.

If your communication is boring, you lose your listeners and your fabulous ideas are lost forever.

To capture your listener's attention and to influence their behaviour; you need to communicate better with powerful stories and captivating narratives.


This Program Is Coached by Manoj Vasudevan: Next Level Leadership Readiness Expert, World Champion of Public Speaking, Senior Executive Leadership Coach, Human Behaviour Expert, Chief Mentor Next Level Unlimited, Author of international bestsellers on Leadership and Communication

Would You Be Interested To Upgrade Yourself In ANY of the Following Areas?

 Designed For More Information Accelerated Transformation and Your Leadership Excellence!




We have simplified and structured this program to provide you with a step-by-step learning process so that you can achieve more in less time without being overwhelmed! The focus areas listed below have some overlaps, because these are offshoots of the 5 core skills - connect, communicate, network, lead, influence.

  • Create Leadership Moments

    Create moments where you are seen as a leader through the way you connect, communicate and mesmerise.

  • Enhance Your Executive Presence

    Learn the 12 techniques you can use to instantly enhance your executive presence so that you are seen as the leadership material ready for the next level role and more. Higher the role, higher the expectations. The way you carry yourself, the way you tame your body language and the way you carry conversations shapes perceptions.

  • Speak Like a Leader With Leadership Narrative Structures

    Use Leadership Narrative Structures to speak with or without preparation. Learn how to present ideas in a way that suits the situation even when you do not have much time to prepare.

  • Captivate and Inspire Using Powerful Stories

    Learn the structured, step-by-step process to discover, uncover, craft and deliver powerful personal stories that inspires your listeners using the Storytelling System For Leaders

  • Deliver Persuasive Presentations

    Learn how to present persuasively utilising specific scientific strategies of persuasion, rhetoric and influence used by world class speakers, presenters and influential leaders.

  • Develop Your Executive Voice using Vocal Techniques

    Discover the vocal techniques you need to  give life to your voice and use it to your advantage in conveying knowledge, sincerity, clarity and conviction. When you make use of techniques to sound like a  leader, you can keep your audience engaged and make them pay more attention to what you say.

  • Reduce Resistance By Mastering the Tools of Persuasion

    For more than 2000 years, researchers, academics and philosophers have been studying the art and science of persuasion and influence. Still, most executives have not spent the time to learn how to get others on their side. Learn the exact components of persuasion techniques used by leaders, speakers, lawyers, politicians and marketers to express YOUR ideas in a convincing manner. Learn how to provide velocity, momentum and stickiness of your ideas.

  • Make Them Laugh By Using Humour

    When you make them laugh, they will like you more and remember what you say.

  • Master The 4th Element of Persuasion

    Discover the little known 4th element of persuasion that's essential for excellence in your career, business and life.

  • Make Your Ideas Remembered

    Make a deeper connection with key decision-makers and influential stakeholders to support your initiatives by conveying your ideas in a way that it sticks with your personal stamp, without letting others take credit for your ideas.

  • Never Run Out of Stories To Tell

    Learn how to create, capture and retrieve stories so that you will Never Run Out of Content to speak using StoryTap

  • Become More Effective During Team Meetings

    Go prepared to excel during team meetings to pitch and infuse your ideas using the Infusion Planning Template and Structured Conversations so that you can influence decisions before decisions are made.

  • Build Your Senior Executive Vocabulary

    Speaking at official meetings need to be way different from how you chit-chat with friends. You can't let your guard down. The words you use shapes the perceptions about you. Discover the blueprint and roadmap to build your senior executive vocabulary for leadership readiness so that you communicate better using more apt words in every situation. This is not a quick fix, but a sure-shot way to speed up your progress towards excellence.

  • Turbocharge Your Self-Confidence and Enlarge Your Self-Image

    During the LIVE coaching sessions you will pick up specific tools, structures, processes, and techniques to increase your confidence, presence, and influence.

  • Stand Out From Your Peers

    By expressing your thoughts clearly, confidently and convincingly, you can stand out from your peers and get ahead of the rest.

  • Increase Your Team's Engagement and Productivity

    Team members like to work for leaders who connect, communicate and inspire them constantly. With your powerful personal stories and engaging narratives your words can ring in their heads even when you are not in the room.

Who Should Attend?

Business Storytelling and Leadership Narratives Program(BSP) is ideal for you if you are a leader, manager, executive, senior executive OR entrepreneur aspiring to breakthrough to the next level, speak like a leader, boost your leadership presence and inspire like a leader. You need to be conversant in the English language and committed to achieving excellence in leadership. This program is not suitable for trainers, coaches and facilitators.



  • Assessment of Your Current Competencies and Your Next Level Goals

    At the start of the program you will assess your skill gaps and set goals for your next level needs. Before your first coaching session, you need to allocate 2 hours for completing the pre-program preparation.

  • Weekly Coaching sessions, Classroom Discussions, and Debriefs 

    During the LIVE coaching sessions, you get to learn the modules in the focus areas listed above, along with associated theory,  practice, feedback and dissection of stellar narratives of world class leaders. You will pick up new strategies/ideas/tools that will be explained, discussed, debated, debriefed to enable you to reflect deeply on each idea, explore practical applications in your context, assimilate the learning and implement for results. This continues over 5 weekly coaching sessions(for BSP Gold Group Coaching plan) and Six 1-on-1 coaching sessions (for BSP VIP Plan). If you miss a LIVE coaching session, you have the option to catch up by watching the recording of the session you missed. This exclusive access is available for 60 days.

  • LIVE Practice and Feedback sessions with Manoj Vasudevan

    During each session, you have the opportunity to practice your narratives and get feedback. You also have the option to send in pre-recorded presentations for review and feedback.

  • Real-life application with Weekly Fieldwork

    The staggered timeline for this program is designed to allow you the opportunity to apply what you learn each week and come back for more during the following session, where you get immediate answers to your pressing challenges. In each session, you will learn, practice and get professional coaching feedback for improvement. Between sessions, you will focus on self-paced learning through field work and on-demand training assignments. You will also have the option to video-record your stories/narratives before the session and send us the recording for analysis, review and feedback for improvement.

  • Weekly Reading Recommendations

    Do you own books that you have never read? Have you read books that you do not recollect? Do you recollect ideas that you do not implement? There are thousands of books you could read, but not all are going to help you get to the next level of your career. By helping you to stay focused on your transformation,  the curated list of recommended reading materials (books / articles / case studies) provided during this program will help you to deepen your learning from each session and help you to forward the action. You also get the chance to receive book summaries that allows you to glean the best ideas without spending lots of time reading entire books (and saving money on books that you might never read nor implement)

  • Ask Manoj Anything segments every week

    Are there any specific professional challenge you are facing for which you need guidance or coaching? Bring it up during Ask Manoj Anything segments that are part of the weekly coaching sessions

  • On-Demand Video Training and Weekly Video Recommendations

    You will also get access to relevant on-demand video training modules that helps you to self-learn as you prepare for the following session and to serve as a reminder for the ideas you learnt. Here you get to learn directly from Manoj  Vasudevan anytime that suits your schedule.Great ideas can come in various forms and formats. With the weekly curated list of video recommendations you will save time while learning more ideas, techniques and strategies. These are well-selected to suit your personal development needs.

  • Certificate of Completion

    By Week 12, you will need to submit your program coursework highlighting the tools and techniques you learnt. Your coursework will be assessed by Manoj Vasudevan and feedback will be provided. To receive your course completion certificate you would need to attend all sessions, complete all modules and submit your coursework.

  • Bonus

    BONUS Module 1: How to be more entertaining - 7 step process to convert ordinary experiences into entertaining narratives


    BONUS Module 2: 60 laughters in 7 minutes - Learn the humour techniques used in an award-winning speech


    BONUS Module 3: How to sound Presidential - 8 essential elements you need to add to your narratives to sound like a World Class leader


Partial list of the organisations whose employees have benefited from the strategies, techniques, and shortcuts taught in this program

What do others say about our programs?

Amelie Yan-Gouiffes, France

I would definitely hire Manoj again – he is both capable and easy to work with.


"Manoj Vasudevan worked for me on several different efforts. He has great leadership and communication skills to go with his project management expertise. In particular, his ability to speak in front of an audience is amazing…he can give a speech like few other people that I have ever met. I would definitely hire Manoj again – he is both capable and easy to work with."

Paul Rosner

Managing Director (T&E), PricewaterhouseCoopers, USA

You can’t believe how quick the time has gone


Manoj is an energetic, engaging and thought-provoking speaker who carried the audience (of around 3-400 people) throughout his speech. Don’t expect to sit quietly and doze off in one of Manoj’s speeches – he has the audience up and totally involved throughout and in the end, you can’t believe how quick the time has gone. I for one enjoyed the session very much and it was clear that the vast majority of the audience felt the same!


Chief Information Officer, DHL

Every opportunity to meet Manoj on a personal basis is a chance to speak, listen and learn


Manoj is a fantastic friend, passionate on many topics which make him a well-rounded coach and speaker as well as a true inspiration for others. I have had the chance to work with him for a few years and he is always making time to listen and coach you to be better at whatever you want and maximize your real potential. Every opportunity to meet Manoj on a personal basis is a chance to speak, listen and learn. I can recommend Manoj if you require a coaching whether it is for business or speaking in public or if you simply need guidance to get the best out of you!


David Alonso


I didn't want it to come to an end


It was a wonderful experience and I really appreciate how you sincerely wanted to help us to improve.

Theory can be learned anywhere, from a book, from a lecturer, from Youtube, but practising the theory is a totally different story and this is the place where you can improve your skills and make yourself a better speaker. I enjoyed it very much and I didn't want it to come to an end


Yvonne Yee

Advertising Specialist, Malaysia

I highly recommend Manoj and Thought Expressions


Manoj is an accomplished public speaker, who is sincere, honest and has an amazing audience rapport. He is a positive and generous coach, that provides constructive and practical advice. His clear, targeted strategies have been the key to my recent improvement and my success in speech competitions. I highly recommend Manoj and Thought Expressions to coach anyone in public speaking and presentations.


Diana Thomson

Author, New Zealand

Learn from the best of the best!

Manoj is currently mentoring me in public speaking and came highly recommended. He is an outstanding orator, humorist and storyteller who employs many unique approaches to keep audiences engaged. Above all, he is a true leader who goes above and beyond to help others grow and succeed. I look forward to learning more from the best of the best!

Aimee Barnes

Founder Tangram Labs, USA


  • STOP speaking without captivating attention

  • STOP failing to get others to accept your ideas

  • STOP struggling to express your thoughts clearly, confidently, and convincingly

  • STOP failing to engage seniors at networking events

  • STOP letting people with lesser qualifications get ahead of you

  • STOP speaking without style, substance, and structure

  • STOP speaking without voice modulation and impact

  • STOP speaking without projecting your voice effectively

  • STOP having conversations without using your narratives to convey emotions coherently


Get The X-Factor With Unique Benefits

Here are 7 Unique Benefits You Receive With This Program

  • HIGH-IMPACT: LIVE coaching focusing on your transformation, not just dispensing information
  • PERSONAL: Small group size for personal attention and effectiveness
  • STAGGERED: followup practice to ensure your transformation
  • ACCELERATED: Time-tested follow-up field work that accelerates your learning, retention, and transformation
  • CONVENIENT: Intensive coaching and timely expert assistance to accelerate your progress without wasting your valuable time
  • WORLD-CLASS: Coached by World's leading expert specialised in Next Level Leadership readiness and sought-after author
  • LIFE-LONG: Invest in skills that can reward you everyday for the rest of your life. This is one investment that can transform your career, business and life.

You Have TWO Options To Choose From

Choose Your Preferred BSP Plan & Get Started

Business Storytelling and Leadership Narratives Program

Gold (Global Online)

FIVE Weekly LIVE Coaching Sessions with Manoj Vasudevan on Zoom


Dates/Times of LIVE sessions: Saturdays 08 January 2022 to 05 February 2022

Time: 0800 hours IST | 1030 hours Singapore Time | 0630 hours UAE Time

Duration: 120 minutes per session


FIVE Weekly LIVE Coaching Sessions + Weekly self-paced learning activities

Learning Materials: Interactive Workbook, Templates, Curated Weekly Reading Recommendations, Online Content, Dissected case studies

Create a collection of your personal stories and entertaining narratives

Field Work, Weekly Assignments so that you apply what you learn immediately

Attend LIVE remotely from anywhere in the world

Deliver LIVE narratives during coaching sessions OR video-record your   practice sessions and send to us for review and feedback during coaching sessions

NEVER MISS A SESSION: FREE Access to Session Recordings for 90 days so that you can catch-up even if you miss a session.

LIMITED TIME OFFER: FREE Post-program support for 90 Days.

Business Storytelling and Leadership Narratives Program

VIP Plan (private 1-on-1 coaching - Global)

SIX 1-on-1 Coaching and Mentoring Sessions for Business Storytelling and Leadership Narratives.

This plan is only available for sign-up by individuals. Not available for company-sponsored 1-on-1 coaching engagements

Program content is similar for both 1-on-1 coaching and group coaching. However with 1-on-1 coaching you get in-depth personalised help in discovering, crafting and delivering your signature stories and crafting mission-critical leadership communications.

During 1-on-1 Coaching and Mentoring sessions you will get personalised 1-on-1 attention for crafting your signature stories and high-stakes presentations.

Special Bonus: You get FREE PASS to also attend all BSP Gold Coaching sessions at no extra charge so that you can deepen your learning and practice your stories and narratives in front of an audience.

Why Is BSP Unique

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