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How Would It Feel To Be Respected as a Confident Leader?

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It's Time To Unlock Your TRUE Leadership Potential

Marshall Goldsmith, Thinkers 50 #1 Leadership Thinker in the World. Author of #1 New York Times bestsellers - What Got You Here Won’t Get You There & Triggers

Learn to be a great leader with Manoj Vasudevan’s The Mousetrap Way. The Mousetrap Way will teach you what it is to be a great leader and how to get there!


Competency You Need To Get The Right Help, Lead Effectively and Make Your Dreams a Reality!


CLP is Coached by Manoj Vasudevan

Next Level Leadership Readiness Expert, World Champion of Public Speaking, Senior Executive Leadership Coach, Chief Mentor Next Level Unlimited, Author of international bestsellers on Leadership and Communication

"I lost many opportunities due to lack of confidence. Now, I help others get to the next level"
Message From Manoj Vasudevan (Click To Read)

From the desk of Manoj Vasudevan CEO Thought Expressions,

Next Level Leadership Readiness Expert, Founder of Leader By Design System, Author, Keynote Speaker, World Champion of Public Speaking


Hi. This is Manoj Vasudevan. Confident Leader Program is part of my life’s work… LIVE Sessions with me that will unlock your true leadership potential and develop a strong belief in yourself for daily returns for the rest of your life.


It’s brought name & fame to me, my clients, and hordes of executives, professionals and entrepreneurs who have wisely taken the time to learn the Leader by Design system - how to become a leader others admire and follow


If you're not 100% sure who I am...


People from 100+ countries have benefited from my content, courses and coaching.  Why did they come to me? I have the mission to help people like you become a better speaker, leader and influencer - no matter where you start. I am also the 2017 World Champion of Public Speaking and Chief Mentor at Next Level Unlimited. My passion is to help people like you to breakthrough to the next level of your career, business and life – I have authored and co-authored international bestsellers...


But, that's not where I started.....  I was just like YOU! That's right....


For the major part of my life, I struggled to show up with confidence at work, to demonstrate leadership in social circles, and in the community, even when it mattered the most! I do regret that I missed one opportunity after another because I didn't see myself as a leader. Even when I heard "you can be a leader without a title", I didn't know how to develop my leadership potential systematically.


I wasted my time worrying about what others will think if I took initiative. I was afraid to make mistakes, face rejection and failure.... More degrees was not going to solve my problem. Here's why.... I was facing what Gay Hendricks would say an Upper Limit problem.....


Here's what it means: Whenever you are about to grow and have a breakthrough, you are tempted to do something silly or stupid, that will bring you down back to the comfortable previous situation you have grown familiar to. You self-sabotage your opportunity of growth by limiting yourself. ​You start to talk yourself out of your path to progress. You will find an excuse to stay the same. (In the meantime, you fail to grab all amazing opportunities that go right past you)


Things started to change for me when I realised...

... the world needs more good people to show leadership ...

... you can become a fabulous leader no matter where you start.

... your leadership matters... now more than ever....


For more than a decade, I’ve been helping myself and others to show up confidently in the corporate world and in the community championing causes, creating some of the most successful and legendary transformation for my clients.... including Billion-Dollar CEOs, UN Diplomats, Professionals and more from every walk of life.... When I was featured on media like BBC, CNBC, Business Insiders, my college friends ask me... "You never used to speak much .... Now, oh WOW!. How did you do that?...."


What I learnt  is what I share with others like you..

I studied books & biographies.... I watched videos & lessons... of the best and the greatest.  I signed up for personal coaching to learn directly from the best and the brightest to make up for lost time and opportunities. What is #1 LEADERSHIP SECRET I learnt? Most people in high positions were ordinary people like you and me... The picked up some skills and competencies that helped them to become the leader others admire and follow.


Still there was something I wasn't sure of.

Why didn't I start earlier? Why didn't someone simplify these for me?

It shouldn't take too long! Why don't more people master these life skills?

First reason is... Lack of Confidence.

Lack of Confidence keeps you in a cage. Fortunately, that cage can be unlocked.

Without confidence, no matter what you want to do, no matter what you want to be, you are inside the cage. That's the hard truth....


Here's what I discovered...

... after helping people from more than 100 countries to become better version of themselves

... after meeting people from around the world...

... after studying people and their stories...

... Warning: you may not like what I say next. But it's the hard truth...


You too can become a confident person.

You too can become a confident leader. 

You too can become a confident executive... 

.... even if you are introvert...

.... even if you are shy...

.... even if you have been playing small so far...


For that to happen,

you need to be willing to do three things...

– you admit you have more to learn

– you become coachable

– you become willing to act whenever you see the right opportunity


Until that happens....  the cage shrinks... regrets grows... the opportunities will come & go as you wait & watch.....

Most people stare at the cost of doing something... But they never see the hidden cost of doing nothing...

... and choose to stay in the comfort of the cage, even if they feel humiliated, frustrated and disappointed.

There is a huge cost for doing nothing and choosing to stay inside the cage.


How can you break free from the cage?

Well, the cage doesn't disappear with age....!

the cage doesn't disappear unless you choose to change

But.... the good news is

we can still get out of the cage at any age...

you can break-free with strong confidence...


As you are about to enter unfamiliar territory, you might feel "I am not ready for this. How can I?" That's normal.

But, when you choose to step out of your comfort zone with professional help, the unfamiliar becomes familiar, the familiar becomes the new normal. You too can go from the zone of fear to the zone of familiarity  to the zone of freedom.


You can experience a way of existence you never even imagined before... starting TODAY!


You see, people don't see you for the value you have. They see you for the value YOU convey!  When you become a Confident Leader, you convey your competence with the highest-level of confidence and clarity. The formula below summarises this well


Competence + Confidence + Clarity + Overcoming Limiting Beliefs + Personal Leadership Blueprint= [Unlock The Leader In YOU]


The system you learn is unique and no one else teaches this because it was not copied from books. The system crystallised after I worked directly with people in 100+ countries and tested with real people like you and perfected over the years. Please note....


I am NOT SPECIAL. I just found better ways to do things faster without wasting time.


Well ,I found these after spending  thousands of hours  –  hundreds of thousands of dollars – learning things and figuring out what works really well. That's the secret of success for me and my clients. I teach what I know will work for sure. Now you have the choice to take advantage of these tools  without wasting all that time and money figuring out all by yourself or from someone with second-hand knowledge.


If you are ready and willing... I am here to help...


You will learn exactly how I do it and helped others to do it.

AND how YOU can succeed with renewed confidence in your leadership potential starting TODAY!


You do not even need ANY prior experience.


You learn in a simplified structure step-by-step manner in an extremely safe environment.


It doesn't matter where you start. It matters whether you start.


As Steve Martin said "Be So Good. They Can't Ignore You"


You do not have to know how. I have the know-how.

I am willing to share that with you. If you are willing....


The time is now to invest in a New YOU!  Get started Today!


~Manoj Vasudevan


Weeks That Will Transform Your Future And Accelerate Your Progress In Career, Business and Life


Confident Leader Program

  • Complete Your Leadership Proficiency Assessment

    All change starts with self-awareness. At the start of the program you will assess your current proficiency levels in 18  leadership competencies. This will help you to identify the competencies you are good at and the competencies you need to work on.

    Program Flow

Attend 4x LIVE Weekly Sessions

During each weekly coaching session (LIVE Zoom session that you can attend remotely) you will pick up new strategies/ideas/tools that will be explained, discussed, debated, debriefed to enable you to reflect deeply on each idea, explore application in your context, assimilate the learning and implement for results. This continues for 4 weekly coaching sessions. If you miss a LIVE coaching session, you have the option to catch up by watching the recording of the session you missed. This replay access is available for 60 days from the start of the program.

  • LIVE Coaching Session 1

    Know Thyself: Identify Your Strengths, Overcome Limiting Beliefs and Discover Areas You Need To Pay More Attention To

    This is a less-known essential component for leadership mastery. This will help you know your value-drivers, value-violators, triggers, beliefs and wiring that influences your behaviour and predicts how you are likely to show up in different situations. Awareness of these will help you to better connect with others.

  • Know Others: Gain Insights into Human Behaviour and Behavioural Psychology for your Leadership Excellence

    • Why you need to know others personally and professionally
    • What drives other people?
    • What do they really want?
    • How to manage your emotions?
    • Tools to understand other people and their agendas
    • What they do not see (Blind-spots)

    LIVE Coaching Session 2

  • LIVE Coaching Session 3

    Work Together: Rally Others For Common Goals

    • Get more people on your side
    • Demonstrate Ownership, Confidence and Initiative
    • Ideate: Think outside the brain
    • Collaborate: Building collaborative teams
    • Building Trust, Reciprocal Relationships
    • Selling Your Ideas better
  • Execution: Leading Vision Into Reality

    • Vision without execution is hallucination.
    • Talent Development Framework
    • T.I.M.E.(it is not time management)
    • Dealing with Conflicts, Politics and Difficult people
    • Leading Change without Freaking Out
    • Focus & Productivity (Goals, Habits, Routines, Habit-Stacking)
    • Prioritisation & Delegation (Empowering Others)
    • Influence using infusion points 

    LIVE Coaching Session 4

Complete Activities Between Sessions

  • Real-life application with Weekly Fieldwork

    The staggered timeline for this program is designed to allow you the opportunity to apply what you learn each week and come back for more during the following session, where you get immediate answers to your pressing challenges.

  • Weekly Reading Recommendations

    Do you own books that you have never read? There are thousands of books you could read, but not all are going to help you get to the next level of your career. By helping you to stay focused on your transformation,  the curated list of recommended reading materials (books / articles / case studies) provided during this program will help you to deepen your learning from each session and help you to forward the action. You also get the chance to receive book summaries that allows you to glean the best ideas without spending lots of time reading entire books (and saving money on books that you might never read nor implement)

  • Weekly Ask Manoj Anything segments

    Are there any specific professional challenge you are facing for which you need guidance or coaching? Bring it up during LIVE weekly coaching sessions

  • On-Demand Video Training and Weekly Video Recommendations

    You will also get access to relevant on-demand video training modules that helps you to self-learn as you prepare for the following session and to serve as a reminder for the ideas you learnt. Here you get to learn directly from Manoj  Vasudevan anytime that suits your schedule.  Great ideas can come in various forms and formats. With the weekly curated list of video recommendations you will save time while learning more ideas, techniques and strategies. These are well-selected to suit your personal development needs.

Submit Post-program documents

  • Your Leader By Design Blueprint + Rapid Action Plan

    Prepare your Leader By Design Blueprint that will become the foundation for any leadership role you aspire for now or in the future. Use the leadership habits and routine you learn to execute the action plan and make it a reality.

  • Certificate of Completion

    By Week 6, you will need to submit your coursework related to your learning. Your coursework will be assessed by Manoj Vasudevan and feedback will be provided. To receive your course completion certificate you would need to attend all sessions, complete all modules and submit coursework.

Leverage Post-program support

  • Post-program support

    UNIQUE Post-program support for 30 Days via membership site so that you get all the help you need to implement what you learn. You will not see this level of support in implementation anywhere at this price point.

Marshall Goldsmith, Thinkers 50 #1 Leadership Thinker in the World. Author of #1 New York Times bestsellers - What Got You Here Won’t Get You There & Triggers

Learn to be a great leader with Manoj Vasudevan’s The Mousetrap Way. The Mousetrap Way will teach you what it is to be a great leader and how to get there!


Confident Leader Program is well-structured to provide you with a step-by-step learning process, tools, templates and techniques so that you can achieve more in less time without feeling stressed, overstretched or overwhelmed! 

Who Should Attend?

Confident Leader Program  (CLP) is an accelerated skills-development program that suits you if you are someone whose work requires you to get others on your side, deal with people in authority, manage upwards, build high-performance teams, delegate effectively, increase your  executive effectiveness and you are committed to take action. No prior experience is required to attend this program.

Your Mission

"Your mission if you choose to accept it is to UNLOCK your true leadership potential, by mastering the Leader By Design Blueprint so that you gain confidence, clarity and competence to become the leader others admire even if your never felt like a leader, even if no one has ever appreciated/acknowledged/validated your leadership skills yet OR you have been playing small so far!"

~Manoj Vasudevan

Do You Really Need To Unlock Your TRUE Leadership Potential?

Yes, Because...

by becoming a confident leader, you can help yourself and others. You can influence the agenda, without being a victim of circumstances. You can stop giving space to the incompetent to thrive. Leadership Mastery Is Your Necessity

(PS: Have you ever seen someone with less competence get way ahead in their career? How does that happen? Let us face it. It's time take charge of your destiny because no one else will.)


"Thank you Manoj for delivering complex concepts of leadership in a much simpler and more practical way. Topics like defining our future self and installing self belief system have deeper connotation. Practical examples in corporate parlance are apt. Thank you once again for the CLP program and I am benefitted immensely. Looking forward to be part of the similar enriching session again."

~Debashis C, CLP Participant

The CLP program was a great leadership lerning experience. The 4 sessions held were truly eye opening. My objective for enrolling into the program was to improve my leadership skills. The coaching sessions by Manoj were well executed, with his experience in the area a key differentiator from other leadership programs I have encountered. I encourage all interested to apply for the program, and I look forward to the LEAP program that I have also enrolled in.

Anthony W, Nairobi, Kenya


Partial list of the organisations whose employees have benefited from the strategies, techniques, and shortcuts taught in this program

"Those who do not learn to lead are at the mercy of masters who govern them"


  • STOP playing small at work

  • STOP getting derailed by office politics, detractors and difficult colleagues

  • STOP taking on extra work you do not want to do

  • STOP second-guessing your true potential, defeat self-doubts

  • STOP letting others get credit for the excellent work you do

  • STOP experiencing lack of confidence in critical situations

  • STOP failing to approach strangers and people in authority

  • STOP letting people with lesser qualifications get ahead of you

How Much Is It Costing You As You Delay Solving These Problems

(Hint: Think in terms of time, money, energy, happiness, personal life, mood swings etc.)


  • Supercharge your self-image, self-confidence and presence

  • Get more people on your side despite conflicts, politics and toxic culture

  • Respond readily and rapidly to unexpected situations by responding even more calmly to emotional triggers

  • Approach people at work with determined purpose, confidence and presence

  • Enhance your professional competitiveness without changing who you are

  • Become a better listener, read the room, pay attention what's said and left unsaid

  • Get other people to listen to you and agree with you

  • Handle challengers, hecklers, and politickers with more ease

  • Be memorable, be remembered and be respected

  • Regain confidence in your ability to take on more responsible roles in your career, business and life

  • Stay ready to breakthrough to become a leader for life



The Confident Leader Program helped me to know myself better and at the same time, it is helping me to peel layers by layers and see my thought and actions clearer. The course also helped me to understand others and that understanding is helping me to work toward the collective goals of my team. It is a great course which is focussed on the need of people and try to hammer the nitty-gritty of human's thought which helps the person to work collectively and achieve the goals.

Vimal K, Naval Architect


It's Your Time!

Here are 7 Unique Benefits You Receive With This Program

  • HIGH-IMPACT: LIVE coaching focusing on your transformation, not just dispensing information
  • PERSONAL: Small group size for personal attention and effectiveness
  • STAGGERED: followup practice to ensure your transformation
  • ACCELERATED: Time-tested follow-up field work that accelerates your learning, retention, and transformation
  • CONVENIENT: Intensive coaching and timely expert assistance to accelerate your progress without wasting your valuable time
  • WORLD-CLASS: Coached by World's leading expert specialised in Next Level Leadership readiness and sought-after author
  • LIFE-LONG: Invest in skills that can reward you everyday for the rest of your life. This is one investment that can transform your career, business and life.

Why Is This Program Unique

& other Frequently Asked Questions

How can I learn leadership through Zoom sessions?

Great question. You will cement your learning by application in real life. There are three way you achieve this. Firstly, we ensure that you learn theory and practice during each session. Secondly, the sessions are staggered so that you have more time to implement what you learn between sessions and come back for more, allowing you more time to reflect, implement and assimilate. Thirdly, the sessions are interactive, you can learn through discussions and sharing. You also get to ask questions to address the challenges you are facing in your context. With these steps you miss nothing compared to LIVE in-class sessions. People from over 50 countries have attended our courses without leaving home. It will also work for you.

How many participants will be there in each batch?

Can I get continued support after the sessions?

Why is this program unique?

Who will coach the sessions?

Will I get to speak to Manoj Vasudevan personally?

How do I get started?

Will this program help me?

How long would it take?

How much effort do I need to put in?

Are there any other benefits with this program?

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Weekly review of progress for each participant and solutions for emerging challenges

LIMITED TIME OFFER: Exclusive to participants of upcoming batch.


UNIQUE Post-program email support for 30 Days (4 weeks+) so that you get all the help you need to implement what you learn.


EXTENDED ACCESS TO SESSION RECORDINGS: EXTENDED Access to Session Recordings so that you do not miss anything, you can replay each session  if you need to and you can deepen your learning. Access to sessions recordings will be available for 8 weeks from the start of the program.

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