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What Others Say

Manoj Vasudevan worked for me on several different efforts. He has great leadership and communication skills to go with his project management expertise. In particular, his ability to speak in front of an audience is amazing…he can give a speech like few other people that I have ever met. I would definitely hire Manoj again – he is both capable and easy to work with.

Manoj is truly a world class coach who happily shares his knowledge and wisdom without any reservation, which is the greatest aspect of his service to humanity...

Whenever I have been asked to speak a few words in a gathering, I used to feel extremely nervous. My mind went blank and tongue was tied.  Even for office group discussions and board meetings my participation used to be very minimal.  I was never able to make conversations longer than a few words. It was very frustrating, especially during board meetings and office group discussions. I was not able to make a decent presentation despite immense preparation and even though I had all information with me.  One of the biggest frustrations was not being able to say the right words at the right time.  It was embarrassing to repeat words and sentences throughout the presentation. That’s when I came across an article about Manoj on Khaleej Times in Dubai, I was amazed to see his achievements and transformation from an introvert and shy person to the greatest public speaker in the world. I contacted his office expecting that there would be the usual online classes, a few videos and books to refer and practice, the normal protocol in this type of service.  But I was very pleasantly surprised to know that Manoj himself will be giving me one to one personal coaching which I never dreamt off.  His coaching was amazing, the depth of his experience that he shared was unbelievable.  He is truly a world class teacher and happily without any reservation he passes his knowledge to others, which is the greatest aspect of his service to humanity. During the tenure, I got an opportunity to speak at a social gathering in my church.  In the past, I would have refused such invites right away, but thanks to Manoj’s coaching, I took up the opportunity and spoke for about 15 minutes and I was amazed that everyone appreciated my talk.  I never thought my talk would ever be appreciated so much, it was a great achievement for me. Nowadays, I feel more confident to attend board meetings with other executives. I speak confidently at group discussions and hardly find any tongue-tied or blank-mind situations. With this transformation, I can speak with my colleagues and seniors freely and naturally, irrespective of their positions.  This helps me immensely in my professional life. I feel great and don’t get nervous whenever a board meeting is announced or I have to make a presentation to senior management.  I don’t get petrified now if someone asks me to speak in the ministries and churches I am involved in. I benefited immensely from Manoj’s coaching, and given that he is a great teachervery friendly, and never hesitates to pass knowledge to his students, I truly enjoyed the learning.  My sincere thanks to Manoj and his great organisation for helping me to overcome my weakness and I wish them all the very best in their mission of helping multitude of people like me.

Learn to be a great leader with Manoj Vasudevan’s The Mousetrap Way. This book will teach you what it is to be a great leader and how to get there!

Manoj is a fantastic friend, passionate on many topics which make him a well-rounded coach and speaker as well as a true inspiration for others. I have had the chance to work with him for a few years and he is always making time to listen and coach you to be better at whatever you want and maximize your real potential. Every opportunity to meet Manoj on a personal basis is a chance to speak, listen and learn. I can recommend Manoj if you require a coaching whether it is for business or speaking in public or if you simply need guidance to get the best out of you!

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