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  • Connect instantly with people you meet and develop a deeper personal rapport even if you are an introvert

  • Communicate effectively so that others listen to your opinions and ideas. Develop the proficiency to express your thoughts clearly, confidently and convincingly even if english is not your mother tongue.

  • Network widely without golfing, drinking or bragging (saving lots of time and effort) so that you get the right help when you need it the most. Develop your personal branding and elevator pitch so that your network knows who you are and how best they can help you.

  • Lead others by becoming the person others will admire and  follow. Develop your self-leadership, team-leadership, leadership presence, speak like a leader, develop your focus, delegate your work, manage upwards, provide effective feedback and host of other skills that makes you seen as ready for your next level role.

  • Influence so that you can get others to accept your ideas, opinions, products/services.



Many Executives Limit Their True Potential Like a Caged Lion Who Forgot How To Hunt. Is That You? If So....

It's Time To Find Your ROAR Again!

Step up, step out and take the LEAP, this year!




This Program Is Coached by Manoj Vasudevan: Next Level Leadership Readiness Expert, World Champion of Public Speaking, Senior Executive Leadership Coach, Chief Mentor Next Level Unlimited, Author of international bestsellers on Leadership and Communication

 Designed For More Information Accelerated Transformation and Your Next Level Leadership Readiness!




We have simplified and structured this program to provide you with a step-by-step learning process so that you can achieve more in less time without being overwhelmed! The focus areas listed below have some overlaps, because these are offshoots of the 5 core skills - connect, communicate, network, lead, influence.

  • Nurture Positive Relationships at Work

    Step by step process to improve your self-image, self-esteem and self-confidence in all situations. Build your authority and establish your credibility while building trust with others.

  • Build Personal Rapport With Influential Stakeholders

    Learn to understand human behaviour through body language, reading emotional cues, noticing behaviourial patterns, understanding agendas and discovering currencies. Build trust to be in the know, and stay alert to adapt to changing situations.

  • Develop Your Executive Voice and Speak Like a Leader

    Learn the five vocal flavours that you can use to give life to your voice and use it to your advantage in conveying knowledge, sincerity, clarity and conviction.

  • Boost Your Persuasion

    For more than 2000 years researchers, academics and philosophers have been studying the art and science of persuasion. Still, most executives have not spent the time to learn how to get others on their side. Learn the exact components of persuasion techniques used by leaders, speakers, lawyers, politicians and marketers to express YOUR ideas in a convincing manner. Learn how to provide velocity and momentum for your ideas.

  • Boost Your Focus, Productivity and Build Positive Habits for Leadership

    Learn how to get more organised and productive by leveraging the power of daily routines. Build positive leadership habits that improves your focus, tenacity and productivity.

  • Develop a Growth Mindset

    Learn the impact your mindset is having on your outcomes and know the exact steps you can follow to develop a Growth Mindset that prepares you to take on new challenges and bounce back quickly from every setback.

  • Build High-performing Teams

    Learn the exact steps you need to take to build high-performing teams that respond positively to your cues and works hard to make your vision a reality. When you master how to get more work done through others without supervision, your potential to achieve becomes unlimited.

  • Deliver Feedback without backfire

    Learn how to express your feedback in a timely, efficient and effective way so that you can influence the behaviour of others and to resolve issues before it becomes a major problem for you or your organisation.

  • Use More Leadership Phrases That Demonstrates Ownership, Competency and Commitment

    Learn to notice the impact of the phrases you use on the perceptions others have about you. Be more strategic in your endeavour to demonstrate ownership, competence and your commitment to the team and organisation.

  • Discover your personal values that silently influence your behaviours and decisions

    Learn to notice the impact of personal values on your behaviour and how to use that information to alter your responses to situations. While you do not need to change your personal values, having awareness of its influence will help you to identify triggers and reactions that make or break your career. Learn to identify value-violations early so that you can plan your response ahead.

  • Build your personal brand and stand out from the rest

    Learn to stand out by defining your personal brand clearly and positively influence perceptions about you so that you attract the right opportunities. When their is clarity in your personal branding, it becomes easier for others to refer you and vouch for you.

  • Enhance Your Executive Presence

    Learn the 12 techniques you can use to instantly enhance your executive presence so that you are seen as the leadership material ready for the next level role and more. Higher the role, higher the expectations. The way you carry yourself and the way you carry conversations shapes perceptions.

  • Master the Instruments of Influence to get ahead with least resistance

    Learn specific strategies you can use to increase your influence with your team, peers, superiors and other stakeholders. This can be done authentically without manipulation.

  • Be known as a High-impact Communicator

    Learn to communicate effectively with or without preparation using specific strategies for the typical situations you encounter at work.

  • Handle conflicts and confrontations effectively

    Learn to stay ready to have difficult conversations with others to resolve conflicts, handle disagreements and remove misunderstandings. Learn to manage your emotions and read your counterpart's emotions, to avoid major mishaps and to steer conversations to create productive outcomes.

  • Build your network without drinking, bragging or golfing

    Learn to expand your network through reciprocal relationships with more people without sacrificing your personal time, personal values and hobbies. Ensure that you are able to tap into your network for help when you need it the most.

  • Manage Office Politics Better

    Learn to understand the patterns, trends and 'event-chains' in office politics. Be aware of allies, lobbies and detractors and use the information to your advantage. Politics is unavoidable in almost all organisations. Knowing the right strategies can help you to survive and thrive.

  • Build confidence to ask for what you want

    Learn to master the art of asking without fear of rejection. What you desire might be an 'ask' away! Rejection proof your life by building the confidence to ask for what you want.

  • Influence without authority

    Learn to advance your agenda, build stronger relationships, persuade decision-makers to champion your ideas and initiatives by knowing how to lead people who do not report to you. You need to influence key stakeholders because there  is little point in convincing people who can't help you.

  • Listen like a leader

    Learn how to listen with three levels of listening that helps you to develop your EQ, demonstrate your empathy and boost your authority.

  • Manage Upwards Better To Perform Better

    Learn to get more support from your boss, manage your workload, develop your skills, resolve conflicts, remove roadblocks and get to do more work in the areas of your interest.

  • Be Even More Effective During Team Meetings

    Learn to get your ideas across during meetings, control the flow of meeting and influence decisions before decisions are made.

  • Structure your conversations to suit the occasion

    Learn to go prepared for catch-up conversations with peers, superiors and team members so that you know exactly what to say and what not to say. Schedule meetings regularly so that you are aware of emerging challenges and get the right support when you need it the most.


"In this exponentially changing world, if you do not make a leap, you will be left behind."

~Ram Charan, Author "What the CEO Wants You to Know""

Upgrade Your Strategy. Save Your Energy.

Achieve More In Less Time With Less Stress.

Who Should Attend?

Are you the kind of person who knows the importance of excelling in your current role and staying ready for the challenges and opportunities ahead? Leadership Excellence Acceleration Program (LEAP) is a focused skills-development program that suits you if you are a Senior Manager, Senior Executive, People Manager, Director, VP, SVP, Professional in a multinational organisation. Ideally you are someone whose work requires you to get others on your side, deal with people in authority, manage upwards, build your personal brand, influence without authority, build high-performance teams, delegate effectively, increase your executive presence and executive effectiveness, through enhanced proficiency to connect, communicate, network, lead, and influence. In short, you are keen on enhancing your executive effectiveness or next level readiness and you are committed to take action. To join this program, you need minimum 12 years working experience or more.



  • Assessment of Your Skill Gaps, Next Level Needs, Preparation of Your Next Level Leadership Blueprint

  • Application with Leadership Initiatives @ Work

    We will guide you to choose and implement a leadership initiative at work where you can deploy the skills you learn in this program.

  • Next Level Leadership Readiness Blueprint + Rapid Action Plan

    Prepare your Next Level Leadership Readiness Action Plan that will become the foundation for any next level you aspire for now or in the future. Use the leadership habits and routine you learn to execute the action plan and make it a reality.

  • Certificate of Completion




Partial list of the organisations whose employees have benefited from the strategies, techniques, and shortcuts taught in this program

Marshall Goldsmith, Thinkers 50 #1 Leadership Thinker in the World. Author of #1 New York Times bestsellers - What Got You Here Won’t Get You There & Triggers

Learn to be a great leader with Manoj Vasudevan’s The Mousetrap Way. The Mousetrap Way will teach you what it is to be a great leader and how to get there!

Andrew Bott

Rajiv Unnikrishnan Global Product Manager Equinix

David Alonso, Partner, Deloitte Australia

Manoj is a fantastic friend, passionate on many topics which make him a well-rounded coach and speaker as well as a true inspiration for others. I have had the chance to work with him for a few years and he is always making time to listen and coach you to be better at whatever you want and maximize your real potential. Every opportunity to meet Manoj on a personal basis is a chance to speak, listen and learn. I can recommend Manoj if you require a coaching whether it is for business or speaking in public or if you simply need guidance to get the best out of you!

Jose Thomas, General Manager, Middle East

Mr. Manoj Vasudevan’s coaching program has had a positive impact on me. Before training, I was really struggling in my career without the right objectives in my personal and professional life. Mr.Manoj’s knowledge and delivery approach were excellent, both in one-to-one coaching and other courses. Manoj’s training delivery model results in my personal growth and delivers more to my organization. I highly recommend Mr.Manoj to any individual or organization.

Cheryl Ong, Finance Director

Manoj came across as a very sincere person and takes genuine interest to want to help people he meets to bring them to their next level of their career/success. Before joining the LEAP programme, I was searching for ways to assert my executive presence at the workplace and to close the gaps in terms of my skillsets in order to move up the corporate ladder. The LEAP programme created new awareness for me and provided a structured step-by-step guide to help me work on these areas.

Sreejith Nambiar, Talent Acquisition Expert

LEAP is an eye opener & gives you the confidence you can do more than what you think! Highly thought out process & details were shared during the sessions.

Debashis Chakraborty​, Controller, Collins India

It is always exciting for me to attend your sessions and apply the learning in my daily life as well as corporate life. Unfortunately, these  practical learnings are missing in our academics. Thank you very much for your kind gesture by allowing me to be part of the LEAP program which helped me to reinforce my concepts. I am eagerly waiting for your Business Storytelling sessions and ELM programs to continue my self-development journey. Your depth over topics and simplified explanation always helped to connect with the concepts. Thank you for bearing with me and my questions and doubts time & again. May God bless you with great health and many more successes. Hope to see you soon. Kindly take care and talk to you soon in our monthly Executive Leadership Mastermind sessions.

Anthony Waire​, Nairobi, Kenya

LEAP program was an eye opener and demystified leadership for me. I was struggling with finding the right leadership course to help prepare for my next level leadership, and thankfully came upon this program having read Mastering Leadership the Mousetrap Way by Manoj. Manoj is a great leadership coach, with valuable insights and experience. He made every session enjoyable and applicable both at work and personal life. I recommend the LEAP program to anyone who wants to grow to the next level!

Laxmikant Dhule

The LEAP helped me to nudge towards the next level to achieve my career goals and life dreams. The Couse content is packed with tons of strategies and techniques. The 5 core skills - Connect, Communicate, Network, Lead and Influence are really helping me to grow my self-confidence. I'm now able to face any critical situations more confidently. I highly recommend anyone to attend LEAP sessions with Manoj to master the 5 core skills from "the champion" and get ahead in your career, business, and life.

Umesh Joshi, India

Mohseen Khanche

The LEAP - Next Level Leadership Readiness Program is an amazing journey. It has widened the horizons of thoughts and levels of imagination. It has groomed my thought process. The targets that seemed difficult earlier have now become achievable.

Stephen Cornelio

CFO / Finance Director,  Vitol Dubai,

(1-on-1 Coaching Client)

"Manoj is truly a world class coach who happily shares his knowledge and wisdom without any reservation, which is the greatest aspect of his service to humanity."

Whenever I have been asked to speak a few words in a gathering, I used to feel extremely nervous. My mind went blank and tongue was tied.  Even for office group discussions and board meetings my participation used to be very minimal.  I was never able to make conversations longer than a few words. It was very frustrating, especially during board meetings and office group discussions. I was not able to make a decent presentation despite immense preparation and even though I had all information with me.  One of the biggest frustrations was not being able to say the right words at the right time.  It was embarrassing to repeat words and sentences throughout the presentation. That’s when I came across an article about Manoj on Khaleej Times in Dubai, I was amazed to see his achievements and transformation from an introvert and shy person to the greatest public speaker in the world. I contacted his office expecting that there would be the usual online classes, a few videos and books to refer and practice, the normal protocol in this type of service.  But I was very pleasantly surprised to know that Manoj himself will be giving me one to one personal coaching which I never dreamt off.  His coaching was amazing, the depth of his experience that he shared was unbelievable.  He is truly a world class teacher and happily without any reservation he passes his knowledge to others, which is the greatest aspect of his service to humanity. During the tenure, I got an opportunity to speak at a social gathering in my church.  In the past, I would have refused such invites right away, but thanks to Manoj’s coaching, I took up the opportunity and spoke for about 15 minutes and I was amazed that everyone appreciated my talk.  I never thought my talk would ever be appreciated so much, it was a great achievement for me. Nowadays, I feel more confident to attend board meetings with other executives. I speak confidently at group discussions and hardly find any tongue-tied or blank-mind situations. With this transformation, I can speak with my colleagues and seniors freely and naturally, irrespective of their positions.  This helps me immensely in my professional life. I feel great and don’t get nervous whenever a board meeting is announced or I have to make a presentation to senior management.  I don’t get petrified now if someone asks me to speak in the ministries and churches I am involved in. I benefited immensely from Manoj’s coaching, and given that he is a great teachervery friendly, and never hesitates to pass knowledge to his students, I truly enjoyed the learning.  My sincere thanks to Manoj and his great organisation for helping me to overcome my weakness and I wish them all the very best in their mission of helping multitude of people like me.

How Fast Can You Get Your Ideas Approved By Those In Authority?

Here's a message from a LEAP participant who received a $75 million** investment by pitching ideas in front of the right people in the right way. In LEAP, you will gain deeper insights into the techniques behind getting others on your side by presenting your points, clearly, confidently and convincingly.


Many effective executives started with no prior coaching, but a keen desire to standout in their field and the wish to be rewarded adequately for the value they provide to their organisations


  • STOP playing small at work

  • STOP getting derailed by office politics, detractors and difficult colleagues

  • STOP getting nervous in front of people with authority

  • STOP failing to find the right words at the right time

  • STOP failing to give velocity and momentum for your ideas

  • STOP taking on extra work you do not want to do

  • STOP letting others get credit for the excellent work you do

  • STOP experiencing lack of confidence in critical situations

  • STOP failing to get others to accept your ideas

  • STOP experiencing lack of confidence in critical situations

  • STOP struggling to express your thoughts clearly, confidently, and convincingly

  • STOP failing to connect with influential folks especially when you meet them

  • STOP failing to approach strangers at networking events

  • STOP struggling to build your network inside and outside your organisation

  • STOP letting people with lesser qualifications get ahead of you

  • STOP conversing without style, strategy, and structure

  • STOP having conversations without using tools of influence and persuasion

  • STOP having conversations without using tools of influence and persuasion

How Much Is It Costing You As You Delay Solving These Problems

(Hint: Think in terms of time, money, energy, happiness, personal life, mood swings etc.)


  • Supercharge your self-image, self-confidence and executive presence

  • Boost your career progression by demonstrating that you are ready for your next level

  • Master speaking secrets & shortcuts to stress-free and persuasive conversations and presentations

  • Structure your conversations so that others will understand your ideas clearly and correctly

  • Get people on your side so that you can minimise conflicts and maximise opportunities

  • Get people on your side so that you can minimise conflicts and maximise opportunities

  • Develop your Influential voice to get others to listen to you and your opinions

  • Respond readily and rapidly to unexpected situations by responding even more calmly to emotional triggers

  • Approach networking event with more purpose, more confidence and more presence

  • Enhance your professional competitiveness without changing who you are

  • Get other people to listen to you and agree with you

  • Handle challengers, hecklers, and politickers with ease

  • Be memorable, be remembered and be respected

  • Stay ready to breakthrough to your next level





Get The X-Factor With Unique Benefits

Here are 7 Unique Benefits You Receive With This Program

  • HIGH-IMPACT: LIVE coaching focusing on your transformation, not just dispensing information
  • PERSONAL: Small group size for personal attention and effectiveness
  • STAGGERED: followup practice to ensure your transformation
  • ACCELERATED: Time-tested follow-up field work that accelerates your learning, retention, and transformation
  • CONVENIENT: Intensive coaching and timely expert assistance to accelerate your progress without wasting your valuable time
  • WORLD-CLASS: Coached by World's leading expert specialised in Next Level Leadership readiness and sought-after author
  • LIFE-LONG: Invest in skills that can reward you everyday for the rest of your life. This is one investment that can transform your career, business and life.

Why Is This Program Unique

& other Frequently Asked Questions

How can I learn through ONLINE sessions?

Great question. Firstly, we ensure that you learn theory and practice during each session. Secondly, the sessions are staggered so that you have more time to implement what you learn between sessions and come back for more, allowing you more time to reflect, implement and assimilate. Thirdly, the sessions are interactive, you can learn through discussions and sharing. You also get to ask questions to address the challenges you are facing in your context. With these steps you miss nothing compared to a LIVE in-class sessions. People from over 50 countries have attended our courses without leaving home. It will also work for you.

How many participants will be there in each batch?

Can I get continued support after the sessions?

Why is this program unique?

Who will coach the sessions?

Will I get to speak to Manoj Vasudevan personally?

How do I get started?

Will this program help me?

How long would it take?

How much effort do I need to put in?

Are there any other benefits with this program?



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