• How Ready Are You To Make Your Voice Heard In Front Of People In Authority?

  • How Can More Confidence Help You Get More Respect and Recognition?

  • How Would It Feel If You Were Able To Speak Clearly, Confidently and Convincingly In Front of Anyone?

It doesn't matter where you start.

It matters whether you start.

Dramatically Increase Your Confidence, Executive Presence, and Persuasion Skills

Express your ideas clearly, confidently and convincingly

Make Your Voice Heard

Ensure your views are heard.

Make Your Ideas Spread

Give velocity and momentum to your valuable ideas for wider acceptance and impact.

  • Are you playing small at work?

  • Have you ever lost an opportunity because you could not persuasively present your ideas?

  • Have you ever faced a situation where you couldn't find the right words at the right time?

  • Do you have difficulty in getting others to accept your ideas?

  • Have you experienced lack of confidence in critical situations?

  • Have you struggled to express your thoughts with the right words at the right time in a structured manner?

  • Do you lack confidence to approach strangers at networking events?

  • Are people with lesser qualifications getting ahead of you?

  • Are you able to speak confidently without notes, slides or prior preparation?

  • Have you ever wished you could have structured conversations and express your thoughts convincingly?

The ONE Thing You Need To Win Big In Life Is More Confidence and Competence - Not More Certificates

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Are You Tired of Losing Opportunities?

How Can  You Take Charge Of Your Future?

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Rare opportunity to meet and get personally

mentored by Manoj Vasudevan, a globally recognised expert

  • Manoj Vasudevan is an internationally renowned Next Level Leadership Readiness Expert and Management consultant who helps leaders to breakthrough to the next level of their career, business and life. He is the 2017 World Champion of Public Speaking and Founder of Thought Expressions

  • Manoj has coached C-Level Executives, Senior Executives, Bureaucrats, Celebrities, UN diplomats, and Professionals constituting a clientele from 34 nationalities and counting. Recognised as Human Behaviour Expert by BBC. Manoj has been featured widely on international media including BBCCNBC, Business Insider  and  world’s top-ranking book fairs

  • During the historic meeting between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Chairman Kim Jong Un, Manoj was invited by BBC World News Live as on Human Behaviour Expert and Body Language Expert to share his perspectives on the meeting, and to judge the depth of the Trump-Kim relationship.

... But, he wasn't always like that.​

  • Manoj is an introvert and used to have a fear of public speaking that prevented him from speaking up for most part of his career. In 2015, The Straits Times wrote and article on him titled "Top Public Speaker Used To Be A Shy Person"

  • Now, Manoj dedicates his life to help competent people become confident using the various techniques and strategies he took years to master and make it available to those who are keen to master it. His events have been attended by people from over 142 countries and he has personally coached people from more than 30 nationalities.




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