Popular Conference Keynote Speeches of Manoj Vasudevan

  • Leading Risk Management – The Mousetrap Way
  • Leader by Design – Become the leader others admire and follow
  • How to handle diverse views and build a productive workforce
  • Leader by Design – Become the leader others admire and follow
  • Routine Innovation that increases engagement, productivity and retention
  • Turning HR on it’s head and get ahead
  • Design Thinking for Business Innovations
  • Compelling Storytelling Strategies for Corporate Leaders
  • Nervous to Fabulous: The proven 7 step system to be a fabulous speaker
  • From Fear to Familiarity: Stepping out of your fear zone.
  • Building Business networks without drinking, golfing or bragging
  • Stretching Influence using 6 Infusion Points
  • High Impact Persuasive Presentations
  • 7 sticky notes that will unlock your potential and set you for greatness
  • From Fear to Familiarity: Stepping out of your fear zone

Comments from customers / participants / audience from various industries

Director of Finance & CFO for Asia at Motorola Solutions, Council Member of ISCA 

Vincent Lim

Manoj delivered a leadership seminar for the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants in Jan 2016. The seminar was insightful yet humorously delivered. As chair of the committee, I thank Manoj for the sharing, our members clearly benefited from it.

Managing Director (T&E) PricewaterhouseCoopers, USA

Paul Rosner

“Manoj Vasudevan worked for me on several different efforts. He has great leadership and communication skills to go with his project management expertise. In particular, his ability to speak in front of an audience is amazing…he can give a speech like few other people that I have ever met. I would definitely hire Manoj again – he is both capable and easy to work with.”

Professional Speaker, Author of “The Idea Book” that was included in “The 100 Best Business Books of All Time”. Among the top 25 Global CSPs in the world amongst 10,000 professional speakers.

“As a professional speaker who has spoken in more than 50 countries I constantly need to improve and I need expert advice on how to become even better as a speaker. Manoj has a natural gift of seeing how you can improve as a speaker. I have asked him to review several of my speeches and have found it very valuable every time. He has made me a better speaker. He will make you a better speaker too.

United Kingdom

Chief Information Officer, DHL

Steve Walker

Manoj is an energetic, engaging and thought provoking speaker who carried the audience (of around 3-400 people) throughout his speech. Don’t expect to sit quietly and doze off in one of Manoj’s speeches – he has the audience up and totally involved throughout and at the end you can’t believe how quick the time has gone. I for one enjoyed the session very much and it was clear that the vast majority of the audience felt the same!

Founder of Tangram Lab

Aimee Barnes

 “Manoj is currently mentoring me in public speaking and came highly recommended. He is an outstanding orator, humorist and storyteller who employs many unique approaches to keep audiences engaged. Above all, he is a true leader who goes above and beyond to help others grow and succeed. I look forward to learning more from the best of the best!

Head of Organizational Development, Alvigor

Ramesh Muthusamy

There are many communicators in the world but MANOJ is the most sincere, jovial, caring person I have had the blessed chance to meet and speak with at length. AWESOME CHAT buddy! Learnt so much from you!

 Manoj delivered the talk “Leadership by Design” at our office. It was incredibly engaging and gave very practical ideas on developing leadership skills. Manoj can effectively combine presentation skills and his management knowledge and experience. The participants truly enjoyed Manoj’s wonderful presentation filled with fun and knowledge.

Custom crafted Talks



Before the talk, Manoj will meet with your key stakeholders(Event organizers, CEO, or MD) to understand corporate needs and what key leadership messages need to embedded in corporate teams. What are the challenges they face? Lack of engagement, lack of motivation, lack of ownership, lack of collaboration, conflict resolution, integration of diverse workforce, alteration of attitudes, lack of ambition, etc. Thereafter, Manoj will customize his keynote exclusively for the context, challenges, and needs of your organization. No two talks are the same as the content, context, examples, call to action, activities, etc will be different to suit the unique needs of your organization.

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