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Summary:  Develop the blueprint for your career success and leadership excellence. Build teams that buzz with ownership, engagement and productivity.


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What Manoj has achieved with this highly engaging and interactive book is to provide aspiring and established leaders with practical steps and actions to develop their leadership skills.  Together with his honest, candid approach, and clear sections for the reader to complete their own input and action plans, this book allows the reader to truly get fully engaged and make deliberate plans for personal mastery.  This book is about real people - the kind of people we are all like.  The reader immediately feels a connection and together with practical steps, the book delivers a fantastic learning opportunity.

Leadership Lessons from the Mousetrap is a great fable that hits to the heart of business and organisational culture issues.  An insightful read that gets you questioning your own leadership style embedded with practical tips that can make a positive impact on your business.

Ron Kaufman, New York Times bestselling author Uplifting Service

Even if you are not a Leader by Birth, you can become a Leader by Design, by following the principles in this inspiring book.  The Mousetrap Way provides sharp insights and powerful leadership advice.  Read this book, apply what you learn and your leadership journey will be uplifted and uplifting.

Dr. Kuncheria P Isaac, Vice Chancellor, APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University

Joseph Alenchery, Vice President, Infosys 

This book is a refreshing change from the leadership tomes penned across the ages - one that comes right from Manoj's heart derived through his myriad experiences.  Many themes run through this, from the concept of accountability partners to the art of infusing ideas as against generating them.  I find this book rather unconventional in approach - evocative as against prescriptive and riddled with touching metaphors leading to thoughtful conclusions.  It lets the reader derive what's best for him or her.  A must read for anyone wanting to improve on their approach to leadership!

Peter Lee, General Manager, Peerless

We invited Manoj to our Regional office for Lunch n Learn session.  We walked away enlightened, enriched and energised from his talk.  I received great feed backs from my team members too, who received fabulous take ways.  Thanks for taking your time and sharing with us.  For me, it was certainly interesting, intriguing and insightful.

Bambang WinarsoGroup CEO, Aszenda Global

Manoj once again amazes us with his journey and provides a simple, comprehensive, and powerful working model to be a great leader.  Since majority of us do fall under the category of Leaders by Design, and not Leaders by Birth, this is the right book that shows us the way.  The mousetrap provides an excellent perspective to beautifully bring out memorable lessons and easy to follow steps towards personal mastery and leadership.  I highly recommend this book to anyone who wishes to be a leader others will choose to follow.

Sourov Roy, Regional Consulting Director, Epicor

From the day I met the enigma that is Manoj, one thing was very clear - his clarity of thought of Leadership and Personal Development.  This book is a testament to how Manoj uses a simple fable to elaborate on a very profound foundation that defines true leadership.  Leadership is not about titles, rather about taking ownership and initiative.  It would be very simplistic to say that the book just emanates this one message - as this story can be reviewed in so many different dimensions.  Are you eager to learn about these various dimensions, in a very practical and easy to understand manner?  I suggest you read every lesson on leadership on this page turner!

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