"I worked with Manoj as I was getting ready to compete in the 2018 World Championship of Public Speaking. His support, mentoring, and coaching was extra-ordinary. Three things stood out in my mind. First Manoj has extensively studied past world champions and the top speakers in the world and deeply understands what works. Second his focus is on the audience, the message, and being of service to the audience. And third, he cares deeply about your success as a speaker, presenter as this is his passion."

Ratna Juita, Indonesia


“His coaching completely transformed me… Every time I speak, I can now connect, resonate and inspire my audience…..The best is when he taught me humour tips and tricks….”

Amelie Yan-Gouiffes, France


“…He is 100% commited to your growth as a speaker, as a person! I can only recommend to work with Manoj…”


“…He is an expert at body language… He saw things that I never saw… and I have been competing for a long time…. He took my speech to another level…”



"Hey Manoj, I just want to say thank you for the time you invested in speaking with me before the finals. Being that it was my first time on the big stage, needless to say my nerves were a bit shot. Your comments really simplified the situation. You have a real gift, my friend. Thank you."



"WOW! This book is packed with so much information, I finished reading it from cover to cover within 24 hours. Now I am reading it again with a pencil and marking what I have done right and what I have missed in my Toastmasters’ journey. If you are planning to be a speech contestant or just want to deliver a speech that touches hearts, you should get hold of this book. In this book, Manoj provides step by step instructions that makes it easy for you.


In 2016, I engaged Manoj when I was deciding to compete for the international speech contest. Manoj was quick to respond and guided me through speech formation and delivery. He sent me several videos which helped me develop my speech further.


The time difference and distance between USA and Singapore did not matter. He coached me several times, addressing even the smallest components of my speech. Because of Manoj’s coaching, I was able to deliver a better speech and went all the way to the semi-finals in 2016.  

On the day before my contest, Manoj was delivering a keynote address at the TI convention.  In spite of him being busy, Manoj spent time with me to encourage me for my contest. I was able to deliver a great speech because of Manoj’s coaching. Thank you, Manoj."





"Manoj, I would like to acknowledge you for the suggestions that you give me about my speech. It tied up my story and had a great outcome.I won the Humorous speech contest at District 54 in Illinois, USA.Thank you, my friend! (Drago's trophy below)"


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